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The Ultimate Lovense Remote App Guide 2021

The Ultimate Lovense Remote App Guide 2021

Hi guys, and welcome back to another blog. I’m UKDAZZZ as always, and in this blog, I’m going to be telling you about the functions and features you can expect to see on your Lovense remote app. No matter what toy you buy from Lovense Remote App is the brains behind it all. Whether using it on your own or over long distances with a partner, you’re going to need to know what features and functions you can use together or on your own and get the best experience from the Lovense Remote App.

I’m going to show you the remote app on the mobile phone today. There is a PC version that you connect to your Lovense device via USB. This is solved by Lovense, as well as layout is slightly different on the remote app to the phone. But in principle, all the features and functions are exactly the same. It’s just connected differently. But the most common way I think a lot of people use the remote app is on the phone. So I’m going to show you what everyone else is using this is what I use as well

Before you can use any other Lovense toys remotely, you will have to create an account with them. I’ve left the link here. If you want to see how to do that just go to the timestamps in the description. The first thing you need to do when you open your app is to connect to the device. It takes two seconds to do it’s just a couple of screens that just search for your Lovense toy and make sure you’ve turned it on to start off with by holding the power button on and making sure your Bluetooth is switched on.

Lovense Remote App

The Ultimate Lovense Remote App Guide 2021 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
The Ultimate Lovense Remote App Guide 2021

Once the homepage is loaded, you’re going to have five options to choose from, and three along the bottom row. The first screen I’m going to show you is the remote page. And you would think this is what you’re going to use for long distances. It’s not, it’s anything within range of your Bluetooth. So if your partner sitting on the other side, this is the screen they’re going to use to control your Lovense device. As you can see, there’s a pink line that goes across the top of your page, there’s a pink bar at the bottom.

And along the left-hand side, you’ve got like a little scale that goes up along the side of the screen with a max line a timer. And on the right of the screen, you’ve got loop flow, and traditional. If you start moving people up and down, that’s the vibration of your toy. So the higher you move in the screen, the more it’s going to vibrate. If you click on the loop button, any movements you make up and down on that screen will just get continuously looped, you’ll notice is every time you let go of the ball on the screen, it will reset itself to the bottom.

If you click the floating button, it will hold it at whatever level you set it up.

If you click on the traditional panel, it brings up the old style of the remote app. And it’s just the bar that goes up and down you don’t have the loop function or the floating function because that flow in functions actually built-in so every time you release your finger off the phone, it does keep your vibration settings at the same time it doesn’t reset itself at the bottom. All you need to do to go back to using the little ball is click on the slider widget on the right-hand side.

Lovense Patterns

Next on the homepage is the patterns tab. Along the top row, you’re going to see all the preset vibration settings that Lovense has made for you already. Once you’ve selected the pattern you want to use, it brings up basically like a music player. And from there you can control the speed of it so you can make it go faster or slower. While it’s vibrating. You can also pause the program or skip forward and backward to different patterns.

Now back in the patterns tab, we’re going to create our own pattern this time. And we do this by clicking on the Create pattern button which is the little pink cross. It’s going to bring up a menu that has four different options on it one vibrate to vibrate, vibrate and rotate and vibrate on and contract.

This is where it gets really interesting because if you click on the one vibrator, it’s the same basic layout as the remote panel does all the same functions. Nothing to an out of the ordinary, shall we say, if you’ve got two devices connected at the same time, then the next three options are what you’re going to need.

The Ultimate Lovense Remote App Guide 2021 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ

What happened is it’ll bring up a screen that lets you control both of the devices at the same time. It’s the same style as the remote panel. This time what happens is you will have 2 balls at the bottom of the screen, each moving independently. You can set those to do the same so they can both loop at the same time. Or they can one can loop and one can float. Once that pattern is complete, you can save it, just click the Done button in the top right-hand corner, and it will save that pattern to your playlist.

Now that you’ve saved your pattern, you can click on the three little dots and it will let you share the pattern with others. So if you’ve got a partner or a friend, even the rest of the world, you can upload it to Lovense through the share button.

Lovense Music Player

Now back to the main menu, where we’re going to click this time on the music tab. This function again just blows my mind a little bit where you can add your playlist of music to the app, and the device will vibrate to the same beat as your playlist. So if you’ve got loads of really fast music, it will also vibrate at the same pace. You can also connect it to Spotify, which I think is awesome that you can add your music from your Spotify account and play it and your playing lists will vibrate your toy.

Lovense Alarm Cloak

Next in the main menu is the alarm tab. Yes, you can set alarms and reminders throughout the day. to vibrate at set times the layouts are a little bit basic, I was expecting maybe a little bit more from what I’ve seen so far. But it a still a cool little function.

Lovense Sounds Tab

Nonetheless, back to the main menu this time, and we’re going to click on the sound tab. Now I thought this was going to be similar to the music tab. It kind of isn’t because what it does is use the phone’s microphone to adjust the speed and the vibrations of your toy. The louder the environment hearing, the more it vibrates menu time again.

Lovense Long Distance

Now we’re going to click on the long-distance tab on the bottom row. This is where you can let other people connect to your device or you can connect to their device. As you can see if you watch the YouTube video on the top there, I’ve got free requests for people looking to use my device. If I click on the plus key, I can type in their username and connect to their device and control their toy. So that’s what you do with the long distance. That’s how that kind of works.

For a full video on how to use the Lovense Long Distance feature you can read this blog here.

Lovense Discovery Tab

Now we’re going to click on the Discovery tab on the bottom row. At the time when this blog was written, there are two options. This does change because as new features come available, they do get added to this list. First, we’re going to click on the patterns tab. As I said earlier, you can share the patterns that you create with lovings, and this is where they ended up. As you will see along the top row you can see the most popular ones the most recent uploads.

The Ultimate Lovense Remote App Guide 2021 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ

If you scroll along further, there are other ones that are featured by Lovense, you can test all the patterns by clicking on the Play button on the right-hand side. If you do like the pattern itself, then you can download it it tells you how many people have liked it in the past, and also how many people have downloaded it.

Now if we go back to the discovery window, we’re going to now click on the speed mode. Now I didn’t know what to expect from this function. But what I discovered is the more you move your phone, the more your toy will vibrate, the app uses your phone’s internal sensors to activate the toy. Now if you don’t want to sit there holding the screen and moving the toggle up and down, you can sit there and shake it and it will activate your toy.

Lovense Account Page (Me Page)

The final option on your homepage is the Me page. This is where you can see all your toys, device settings, and app settings. You can also change the layout of your home page from here as well. And finally, if you click in the top right-hand corner of your homepage, it’ll bring up a small menu. From here you can add more friends, add toys and share your link.

Wrapping Up Lovense Remote App Video

I hope you found this blog useful if you found it inspiring enough to go and buy a Lovense toy, then please use the affiliate link in the description below. It doesn’t cost you any more to us but it does give me a small percentage of Lovenses earnings

Follow, share, subscribe for future blogs. If you’ve got any questions hit me up on the comments box below on my blog, or come and find me on social media.

Until next time guys,

Peace out

The Ultimate Lovense Remote App Guide 2021 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ

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