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Lovense Sex Machine 2022

Lovense Sex Machine 2022 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ

Lovense Sex Machine 2022

Hi guys, Lovense has released a new toy and this one is the sex machine stay tuned to watch the rest of the blog to find out everything you need to know about the Lovense sex machine

Hi guys I’m UKDAZZZ as always, and as I said at the start of the blog Lovense has released a new sex machine with a base diameter of just under 18 inches by 18 inches and standing at around 20 inches high. The new Lovense sex machine is going to be one for webcam models and for everyday users.

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So what do you get when you buy the Lovense sex machine firstly, you get 2 silicone dildos. One measuring just over five inches the other measuring just over six you’ll also receive the loving sex machine and a cabled remote control and power adapter all wrapped up in its very own storage bag.

It has a stroke length of just over 11 inches and has a variable speed of up to 300 strokes per minute pretty fast and it is completely adjustable so you can get the perfect angle for you so you can get a damn good seeing to from anywhere in the world.

The Lovense sex machine is fully compatible with the Lovense Remote app. If you want to know how to use that then check out the video above it is completely compatible with the Lovense long-distance feature in the Remote App. It’s also completely compatible with the Lovense browser extension, meaning that webcam models can use it whilst they’re in their live shows. Yes, that’s right it’s tip-activated.

Lovense Sex Machine 2022 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ

So unlike other sex machines, this one can be used to receive tips to activate the toy. If you’d like to know how to set that up and check out again the blog post link is HERE and go to the product page where you will see the Lovense sex machine is an affiliate link.

It doesn’t cost you any more to us but it does give me a very small percentage of Lovenses profits.

That’s it for this blog guys. I hope you found it useful as always follow, share, subscribe, and hit that notifications icon for future blogs. If you have got any questions come and hit me up in the comments box below on my blog or come and find me on social media.

Until next time, guys,

peace out

Lovense Sex Machine 2022 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ

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