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How To Set Up And Use Grindr 2022

How To Set Up And Use Grindr 2022

Hi guys and welcome back to another blog. Today’s video is showing you how to use the Grindr app. Make sure to like and subscribe for future videos.

Hi guys, I’m UKDAZZZ as always.

Creating Grindr Account

We will start the blog off by going to your Apple or your google play store and downloading and installing the Grindr app. The first thing you’re going to come to is the login screen. Once you’ve opened the app, from here, you’re going to click on the top right-hand side where it says sign up, then you’re going to ask to agree to the Terms and Conditions. Once you’ve done that, click Next.

How To Set Up And Use Grindr 2022 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
How To Set Up And Use Grindr 2022

You’re next going to be asked to sign in with either Facebook or Google, all you need to do is click on the Google or Facebook button and select your account or you can choose to sign in with your email address. I’m going to sign up using an email account I’m just going to fill in the details below. Once everything’s filled in, just click Create an account. On the next screen you’re going to see his verify account, what you need to do is add your mobile number and click Send code. Where you need to do now is check your text messages.

You should receive a code from Grindr. All you need to do is type that code into the next box thing. click Verify you should see now that your account has been verified, all you need to do is click OK. Now you’ll be asked to agree to the privacy settings. All you need to do is click Next. The next screen will ask you to add a photo and check your age. All you need to do once you’re finished is click save more permissions now and this time it’s your location. So all you need to do is click Allow.

The next screen you’ll see is add tags, and you can add up to eight tags at a time for your account. So you can select stuff like Daddy, Hairy, Dirty, and uncut there are absolutely loads on there so you won’t get bored. Once you’ve selected them all. Click Save. If you’ve selected one by accident, and you’ve already clicked save, you can go back later and change them.

How To Use Grindr

How To Set Up And Use Grindr 2022 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
How To Set Up And Use Grindr 2022

That’s it your account is basically set up now as soon as the page opens, it will show you a list of people on the nearby the people at the top of the list are closest to you. The lower you go down the list they get further away. If I remember correctly, you can see up to 100 accounts on the free plan. If you look along the top row in the middle it will say fresh these are new accounts that have recently been opened on Grindr next to where it says fresh it will also say explore if you click the Explore button, it will open a map.

With that map you can drag around and anywhere under the pin it will show the guys in that location. You can zoom in and zoom out by pinching the screen to change the location. Once you’ve selected an area, all you need to do is click change location. And again, all you got to do is move the map around now for free members. You can’t actually message any other guys you sometimes do get free messages of up to like three guys around the area in which you’re searching in.

This is a paid feature, it’s there to try to entice you to upgrade your account.

Now if you click back and go to your main page will you want to click on his messages in the bottom row. In here it’ll show you anyone who’s seen your account and message you along the top row it will say taps, so taps are likes on your profile.

Moving along on the top row again is albums This is where you can send groups of pitches from that you’ve previously uploaded.

Going back to the bottom of the screen. This time we’re going to click on fives and fives is obviously short for favorites. So these are profiles that you viewed and saved for later, you can normally save them by clicking on the start which is normally in people’s profiles.

How To Set Up And Use Grindr 2022 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
How To Set Up And Use Grindr 2022

Finally along the bottom right of the screen is Xtra store. This is where you can upgrade your account. The first plan they offer is the extra plan. This will give you 600 Extra profiles to look at it and also remove the ads and you can chat in the Explore mode. If you swipe the screen left it will show you the unlimited plan. This lets you see unlimited profiles. It also offers the same offers as the extra plan with a couple of extras chucked in like incognito mode, and you can unsend messages back

To the very top now of the main page where you can see all the profiles you can see a little why if you give that a click it will show you all the profiles that have viewed you.

Again for free members, you will only see the last person who viewed you, you will have to upgrade your account to see everyone who has viewed your profile.

Next to that is the small magnifying glass and this is where you can search other people’s profiles by tags. Finally, on the right-hand side, you’ve got filters from here you can filter people by age, what they’re into and their body type plus a whole load more other things. Finally, along the top left of the screen is your profile picture. If you give that a click you will see you can change your profile picture and your on-screen name.

If you look down on the page, you can see Edit Profile. From here you can change your tags body type and what you’re looking for from a guy underneath that is the albums tab which is where you can save images to send to people. Finally along the bottom is the Settings tab. From here you can change your notifications and upgrade your account. As you can see, it’s a fairly easy app to set up and use.

To spice things up a bit, you might want to buy a Lovense toy for those guys who are too far from you, all you need to do is send him a link from the Lovense Remote App.

Learning The Lingo On Grindr

Now before messaging people you might want to learn some of the lingo. Many profiles will have stuff like DL or BB in their profile to find out what these common terms mean I have added them on the side of the screen here.

How To Set Up And Use Grindr 2022 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
How To Set Up And Use Grindr 2022 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
How To Set Up And Use Grindr 2022 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
How To Set Up And Use Grindr 2022

Staying Safe On Grindr

Remember, if you are going to hook up with people from Grindr, it’s always good to stay safe, telephone where you’re going, who you’re meeting, and what time you’re going to be home when you’ve met that person. Give your friend a message. And once you’ve gotten home, give him another message and if you are gonna have sex then use a condom.

That’s it for this blog guys. I hope you found it useful and interesting. If you’ve got any questions come and hit me up in the comments box below on my blog or come and find me on social media.

Until next time guys

peace out

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How To Set Up And Use Grindr 2022

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