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ULTRASOUNDS 3 ways to Great explore with E-Stim Systems

Experience a revolutionary approach to electro urethral sounding with our UltraSound range. Our expertly designed sounds feature a gentle taper that allows for deeper exploration. Each sound is expertly crafted from solid stainless steel, and polished to a high mirror finish for an ultra-smooth and ultra-shiny surface. Choose from three unique styles, the UltraSound Smooth, UltraSound Micro, and UltraSound Dipstick, to cater to all your urethral sounding play preferences. Welcome to the future of electro urethral sounding with the UltraSound range.

E-Stim Systems ULTRASOUND Dipstick,

alt="E-Stim Systems ULTRASOUNDS" alt="ULTRASOUNDS 3 ways to Great explore with E-Stim Systems"
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A game-changing electro urethral sounding device. E-Stim Systems Dipstick sound boasts a unique and gentle taper design that allows users to explore deeper sensations. Crafted from solid stainless steel and polished to a sleek mirror finish, this sound features a tapered end with a rounded tip and a 2mm differential between the tip and the shaft. As you insert the Dipstick, you will experience a gradual stretch that helps open you up and prepares you for the full diameter.

The E-Stim Systems Dipstick sets itself apart from the Smooth version with grooves every 20mm along its length, providing visual guidance of your depth and adding to the overall sensation during insertion. The UltraSound line of devices all feature a grooved base area for easy gripping with lube-covered fingers and are equipped with an industry standard 4mm socket. Experience the revolution in electro urethral sounding with the ULTRASOUND Dipstick.

E-Stim Systems Ultrasound Smooth Range

The UltraSound Smooth is expertly crafted from solid stainless steel, featuring a sleek tapered end with a rounded tip. Its gentle taper design aids in stretching the urethra and allows for easier insertion of the full thickness. The ultra-smooth, ultra-shiny mirror finish makes for a truly unique sensory experience.

E-Stim Systems MicroSound Range

ULTRASOUNDS 3 ways to Great explore with E-Stim Systems Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
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The MicroSounds are carefully crafted from solid stainless steel in our own workshops and are individually hand-polished. With a length of only 75mm, these ultra-smooth, ultra-shiny mirror-finished electrosounds are perfect for females or males who prefer to play at the head of the cock. The tapered end with a rounded tip ensures gentle and comfortable insertion.

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