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Power Boxes

alt="E-Stim Systems 2B"

E-Stim Systems 2B

The 2B offers simple control and great flexibility as well as high levels of power. The 2B is also controllable and upgradable via the optional USB/PC.

alt="Exploring E-Stim Systems The ELECTROHELIX"

E-Stim Systems Helix Red

The ElectroHelix Red is perfect when it comes to a starter electroplay unit. Simple to use, easy to enjoy. The Helix Red comes with Electro Eggs

alt="E-Stim Systems Remote"

E-Stim Systems Remote

The world’s first E-Stim Remote with a motion sensor and now is gone one better adding Audio to create a winning combination

alt="Amplify Your Sensuality with E-Stim Systems ABox MK2 "

E-Stim Systems Abox

The ABox Mk2 is a electroplay device created specifically for erotic sound driven electro stimulation.

alt="E-Stim Systems Blue"

E-Stim Systems Helix Blue

The ElectroHelix Red is perfect when it comes to a starter electroplay unit. Simple to use, easy to enjoy. The Helix Blue comes with Electro Loops

alt="E-Stim Systems Pebble"

E-Stim Systems Pebble XPF

The ElectroPebble XPF with 2 channels each with their own independent control. 9 program modes so the fun never gets boring. Comes with multiple attachments.

alt="E-Stim Systems XPE"

E-Stim Systems Pebble XPE

The ElectroPebble XPE with 2 channels each with their own independent control. 9 program modes so the fun never gets boring. Comes with Electro Eggs.

Insertable Electrodes

alt="E-Stim Systems THE MAGNUM RANGE"

E-Stim Systems Magnums

Produced with an exclusive ‘ballistic curve’ the bipolar Magnum is easy to insert, comfortable in use and easy to extract.


E-Stim Systems Flanged collection

The all round electrode, THE bipolar Flange electrode was initially designed after requests by Their customers for an electrode with a large base to prevent the electrode being inserted too far.


E-Stim Systems E-Bead 2.0

The Electro Eggs are designed to look great and feel even better and are designed for both vaginal and anal use

alt="EStim E-BEAD 2.0"

E-Stim Systems E-BEAD 2.0

The two ‘beads’ of the E-Bead 2.0 are made of aircraft grade aluminium and feature our Luxurious Satin finish. They are then separated by a rigid insulator.

alt="E-stim systems classic electrodes"

E-Stim Systems Torpedo Family

the Torpedo family of electrodes, starting with the small torpedo and then rising to the larger Stuffer and even larger OMG

alt="E-stim Systems RED COLLECTION"

E-Stim Systems Red Collection

Smooth to the touch it will slip in easily and with its wider base it will nestle comfortably against the labia giving both external as well as internal sensations

alt="E-stim THE DEVIANTS"

E-Stim Systems Deviant range

the first Bipolar E-stim electrode in the world featuring our new and exclusive Ripplehead technology, and available in Small, Medium and Large size


E-Stim Systems ElectroWand

The insulated handle allows you to thrust and manipulate the ElectroWand into just the right place for maximum pleasure.


E-Stim Systems Black Collection

With 4 sizes the Black Collection takes you from the unassuming Small to the more than challenging XL.

alt="E-Stim Systems ELECTRO SPECULUM"


Based on the medical examination tool, the Bipolar Speculum adds a more intense sensation to your electro stimulation experience

alt="E-stim Systems E-WMCBP 2.0"

E-Stim Systems E-WMCBP 2.0

The Classic electrodes are available in 4 different sizes, Micro To Large. All with a single 1″ diameter neck, but ever increasing lengths, 

Skin Play

alt="E-Stim Sytems ElectroWhisker"

E-Stim Systems ElectroWhisker

Made with an insulated handle and fitted with a 4mm connection socket, our ElectroWhisker feels like hundreds of tiny fingers caressing your skin.

alt="E-Stim Systems Electro Tweezers"

E-Stim Systems Electro Tweezer

Run across the skin, the gold plated tips can produce some interesting sensations, whilst gripping a delicate bit can generate more E-Stim feelings.

alt="E-Stim Systems Dual Pinwheel"

E-Stim Systems Pinwheel

When run gently over the skin, each rotating spiked wheel teases and torments the skin as the current flows through, producing a sensation.

alt"E-Stim Systems BiPolar EClip"

E-Stim Systems BiPolar EClip

Unlike other copies the E-Stim Systems EClip has an adjustment screw which allows you to limit the gripping force, ideal for connection to the more delicate bits.

alt="E-Stim Systems Long pads"

E-Stim Systems Adhesive Pads

Each conductive pad can be reused, cut to size, used on both him and her, and used in most external places. The conductive pad is one of the most versatile e-stim electrodes

Cock Play

alt"=E-Stim systems ELECTRORINGS

E-Stim Systems ElectroRings

Each ring has been created to work with heavy duty 4mm connectors, perfectly designed for use with low profile connectors. 

Alt="E-Stim Systems Rubber Cock Loops"

E-Stim Systems Loops

Each conductive rubber loop is soft and flexible and very easy to use and unlike metal spring loops the conductive rubber doesn’t have issues with painful hotspots

alt="E-Stim Systems ULTRASOUNDS" alt="ULTRASOUNDS 3 ways to Great explore with E-Stim Systems"

E-Stim Systems UltraSounds

The UltraSound Dipstick is manufactured from solid stainless steel, ultra smooth, ultra shiny mirror finished electrosound has a sleek tapered end with a rounded tip.

alt="E-Stim Systems PENISPLUGS"

E-Stim Systems PenisPlug

Super smooth, super shiny polished surface the PenisPlug will slide in easily and once inserted is held in place by the urethra closing around the shaft.

alt="E-Stim Systems Electro-Compression Devices"

E-Stim Systems Compression

The VyperXL electro-compression device features 8 gold plated electro contact pads fitted to four compression panels. Slipped over the erect penis, the VyperXL can squeeze and compress.


alt="E-Stim Systems 2b accessories"

E-Stim Systems 2B Accessory Pack

The 2B accessory pack includes an E-Stim Systems Universal 220V/110V mains adapter, which means no more running out of batteries and also gives your 2B 30% more power. It also Comes with the Digital Link cables and Memory stick

alt="E-Stim Systems Cables"

E-Stim Systems Cables

The cable range covers cables that allow you to connect electrodes and power boxes to non E-Stim Systems equipment, and if you do not see what you need give them an Email

alt="E-Stim Systems 2B Digital Link Interface"

E-Stim Systems 2B Digital Link Interface

Designed to allow you to connect your 2B directly to your computer via USB. It is supplied with a USB Stick containing instructions on how to install the Digital Link Interface Cable along with various drivers

alt="E-Stim Systems ADAPTORS"

E-Stim Systems Adaptors

A wild range of adaptors to allow products that have cables attached using a 2.5mm jack plug to be used with the control units and any others using 3.5mm jack sockets.

alt="E-Stim Systems 2B Universal Power Supply"

E-Stim Systems Universal Adapters

A universal (110/220V) mains power supply designed to power the E-Stim systems 2B power box, giving an instant 30% power increase as well as the ability to play for considerably longer.

alt="E-Stim Systems Gel 250ML" alt="E-Stim Systems Gel 100ML"

E-Stim Systems ElectroGel

Unlike most other water based lubes available today, The ElectroGel has been specifically created for use in electroplay.

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