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How To Be A Webcam Model Podcast
How To Become A Webcam Model (Rates And Pay)

How To Become A Webcam Model (Rates And Pay)

Hi, guys, and welcome back to another YouTube video. I’m UKDAZZZ. And this is how to become a webcam model. In this blog, we are going to be covering percentages, rates of pay, and how frequently cam sites pay you.

Just so you know when I say these sites take a percentage, I mean that what you get paid will be different from what the site charges your client. On Streamate if you set your price to for example $1 a minute that is what your client pays they then take their cut and show you what you have earned. This is a practice all sites do

Cam Model Payout And Rates

Streamate Pay Rates

We will start off with Streamate who will take a 70% cut of your overall earnings. This includes your video sales, which is a 50/50 split, they pay you once every week. You have to hit a minimum target of $20 before they actually pay you which Streamate and there are quite high as a percentage. But they are very reliable, I use them quite a lot.

Chaturbate Pay Rates

The next one is Chaturbate. They take a 40% cut, which includes all video sales. So the same amount for that, if I remember rightly Churbate, they charge a higher percentage to the client. So overall What you see is what you get from your tokens that they charge an extra 40% on top. They pay every two weeks, and you have to hit a minimum target payout target of $50 before they will pay you.

LiveJasmin Pay Rates

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How To Become A Webcam Model (Payment rates)

And the next slide is LiveJasmin. They take a 70% cut, you can earn more with them. So the more money you earn with them, the more money (higher percentage) they give back. They take 70% and which can go down to 40%. If you were more with them, again, they pay as far as I remember weekly, but you’d have to hit a minimum payout limit of $100 before you can request payment. So it might take a little bit longer if you’re lucky to earn $100. And you’ll get that straight away without even questioning it. So just bare that in mind guys with a higher there is a high minimum payout limit.

Cam4 Pay Rates

The next site is Cam4, they charge 50%. And you do also have to hit a $50 target before they will pay out but with cam four, they will pay you daily. So if you want to choose to get paid daily, if you as long as you’ve hit that $50 minimum payout limit, they will pay you daily. So very handy if you if you’re looking for quick money.

Flirt4Free Pay Rates

Next up is flirt4free. And they take 75% they’re the highest in far is that they will take the most money from you. And they take as I say 75% you can whittle that down to 65% with like, more money you with them. Also with like little incentive. So if you tweet that you are going live, you’ll earn an extra 1% stuff like that. So there’s a way of getting that number down, but they are the highest. They pay fortnightly and you have to hit a minimum of $50 again before they pay you out.

SkyPrivate Pay Rates

alt="earn payment money"

So last but no means least is SkyPrivate, they charge 20%. So they take the least out of everyone. You can also earn extra percentage points by doing stuff again, like tweeting when you go live, you have to hit a minimum target of $40. You can make requests daily, which is very nice. If you get the traffic on the site.

OnlyFans Pay Rates

OnlyFans charged 20% of your overall earnings. You have to hit the minimum target of $20 and you can request your payment weekly, fortnightly, and monthly. with OnlyFans.

As I said before you do not get paid for streaming. And you’ve got around your money through subscriptions, content selling, and your tips. And so yeah, that there’s a slight difference. Obviously, you’re coming for free, but you’ve got to get your money from your tips. So don’t forget guys, any money you’ve earned is going to be shown in dollars.

Paxum Payment

So remember you got to check your exchange rates basically Paxum also charges a small percentage for using their service that’s on any transactions in or out. I believe so a bit like how PayPal works. If you haven’t got an account with Paxman, you’ve never heard of them, go back into my videos there is a little bit on them fairly easy to set up every campsite offers that as a payment service. And you can also get paid from some of them in bitcoins and E-wallets and all that kind of thing. I don’t know anything about that, but that they will make it available.

So if you are looking at signing up and hadn’t noticed I had scattered links to the site throughout the blog if you hadn’t noticed you can click here. As always If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments or hit me up on my social media. The next blog on how to become a webcam model will be Interactive toys, more importantly, Lovense.

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How much a webcam model site will pay you and how often they will pay.
How To Become A Webcam Model

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