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How To Be A Webcam Model Podcast
How To Become A Webcam Model (8 Negatives)

How To Become A Webcam Model

Hi, guys, and welcome to another video on how to become a webcam model. In this blog, I will be covering some of the possible negatives that you might come across whilst being a webcam model. Some of these may not be negatives, it may just be being on a bit of a rant. But there are some things that do frustrate me, and will probably frustrate you also. These are things that I have picked up and noticed throughout the years of being a webcam model.

I wanted to give you a better understanding of what else happens as it’s not all necessarily glitz and glamour, all day, every day where you sit there and play with yourself for money. It doesn’t always work out like that.

Negative Things That Happen In private show Whilst Streaming

The Free Show whist Webcaming

So to start one thing you will find is a lot of people depending on which site you are streaming on will try to get a free show out of you. On Chaturbate you can do this if you wanted. There is a tip menu that you can ask people to use. it is a good way to tease people into a proper private show.

But some people don’t want to do that, they just want it all for free. On Streamate, it’s a little bit different where you have to be in a private show before you can show anything. There are people that will log in and ask you to do something. When you don’t do it, they log straight back out again, or they’ll give you maybe a little bit of grief as well for not showing them Other camsites have exactly the same thing happen.

The Silent Types In Your Cam Room

Then you get people that will look into your room and sit there and nothing not next to nothing with just yes, no answers, or one-word answers. they also may take you into private and continue the same way, whilst not knowing anything about what they’re looking for in from your show.

Some people, you will find that they’ll open up more once they’re in private, they’ll tell you exactly what they want. But some people on the flip side will continue not to say anything in the private show. This leaves it up to you to make it up as you go along. Hoping that you’re doing, saying and, showing exactly what they want. They happen quite regularly.

alt="how to become a webcam model"
How To Become A Webcam Model (8 negatives)

Sometimes that person may just be too nervous to actually message on the camsite, although it’s anonymous.

Most don’t know this and think you may be able to see them etc. You can’t unless you accept their invitation to share their cam and they just may need a little bit of encouragement talk. It can be frustrating just when you don’t know what you should be doing.

Short Privates Users Whist Webcamming

You also get people that will log on to your chat and this happens to me quite regularly where they want you to do something for him in private and you’ve got absolutely no problem with doing it. Once they take you into private which is great and you do what they want you to do they log out directly afterward.

So I will paint the scene. You’re sitting there with a chat room with 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 people, they come in, they say they want to take you private, the private starts, and then all those people you were talking to scatter from the open chat, from the open chat, you do what the person wanted you to and they log out, literally less than 20 – 30 seconds in private.

I don’t know quite why they do this, it is a proper dick move. But it does happen. Then you put back into open chat those people that you were talking to before, have obviously moved on. So you’ve got to start again.

There is like a 30 second window where they get it for free. So try and take them over that sort of minimum fresh hold for them to get charged before they make this split.

The Trolls In Your Webcam Model Room

Trolls you do get people that will log in, expect a free show, and once you explain to them that it’s not a free site and they need to have a proper full-on private show, they then go on to tell you that you’re not worth it and troll you a little bit. I had one a few weeks ago where I had to ban someone because they wanted me to do so much in open chat for free, which obviously being on Streamate I can’t do.

I did explain that I’m happy to do all the things he wanted me to do in private but because of site rules, I couldn’t do it in open chat. He then went on to say “I wasn’t worth it. Why would I go private? Why would I want to pay for a show with him I’m not was not worth his money.” I did have to ban him from my room and I may have reported them as well. ( I did..)

So there are things you can do for people like that. You have got a ban button, you’ve got a kick button. So if they’re just annoying you for that day, kick them out of the room if they’re normally fine.

That’s probably about as annoying as people can be other than they don’t read stuff that you leave on notes. So there are a few negatives around some of the things people do in your Live stream.

Tech Issues In Your Cam Model Room

Do Tech Issues Happen In Webcam Chats

Like every website, there are technical issues from time to time. I have had one today where Streamate has introduced a system that scans your face every time you log on. It doesn’t like scanning my face because I’ve been on cams for so long I look a little bit different than my ID photo and they haven’t taken that into account.

alt="how to become a webcam model"
Tech issues happen

I’ve spent literally the day so from 11 o’clock this morning trying to get online and talk Technical Support. (When I typed this it was 10 pm at night). It’s been a bit of a Flop of a day where you’re trying to get online, it doesn’t work out how you want it to. I had shows planned for today and stuff like that.

So there are negatives around what happens and what you can and can’t control. Technical issues, again on Streamate very rarely happen, this is a new thing they’ve pushed out, it’s meant to get better tomorrow. But until then I’m typing probably to myself on this blog.

Life In General As A Webcam Model

The Slow Periods Whilst Web camming

Sometimes you can have problems with stuff that just doesn’t go your way. If you’ve got bills piling up, you’re not getting the show’s don’t get disheartened most months have little peaks and troughs in the month where traffic is slow on the site.

So obviously, around payday time, everyone’s got a bit of money, your shows will increase, and you will normally get more shows around that sort of time of the month where people are getting paid.

But the other end of the scale, it does drop off during mid-month. Trying to get as good of a network around your social media as you possibly can help. So if you need to send a tweet, maybe you can draw in some business. If you haven’t got many followers still send a post you may draw people in.

If you’ve got good social media backing, that could work wonders in the sense that if you send a tweet or an Instagram post, you could potentially get five or six paying customers who will make that day a week or a month better.

I’m not trying to put you off, I’m just trying to point out some of the things that do happen to a lot of cam models when they come on and expect it to work fantastically well when they’re gonna get rich from the start. just remember once the website’s new model promotion wears off (which only lasts for around two, three weeks) it can get harder.

When To Sleep When You Are A Cam Model

alt="how to become a webcam model"
Remember to stay on top of the sleep

Try and stay on top of the sleep. It’s something very commonly overlooked when your webcamming. You log on at whatever time and Before it’s time to think about bed. if you want to stay on then try logging off having a nap and recharge those batteries so you can carry on charged and refreshed.

I do it quite often where I spend hours online chasing after the next client, and before you know it you’re burning out at the end of the week. this will show in your performance and clients will pick up on you not trying.

Take A Day Off You Earned It When Being A Webcam Model

I think it’s important to say that if you’re having a bad day, week, month, try and do some normal stuff as well. Don’t spend every waking hour trying to earn lots of money or be on cam all the time you will lose the love for it. (I’m guilty of this as well).

Try and have just like a bit of a normal life. If it’s a slow time of the month you could be forever sitting online hoping the next big fish to log on. If they don’t and you could have spent a day doing something that you would have enjoyed, you could take pictures and post them on your social media to drum up some interest in what you do.

Take some time for yourself. Having your head buried in your laptop 12 hours a day if you are in a quiet patch may not help the situation, only frustrate you more that you are not progressing.

Taking a day off when the opportunity arises will give you time to reassess what’s working what isn’t. That day could give you time to take the negative of being a bad week and drawing in new customers from areas that you may not have been able to reach before if you just sat in and not explored posting fun new content on your social media.

Wrapping Up

So that’s it for this blog. So until next time subscribe for future updates. I have also made a YouTube page and channel that goes along with this post. So if you’re tired of reading you can go and watch me wherever you want.

So subscribe to future posts on how to become a webcam model. If you have any questions, ask them. Check out my social media where you can follow me and ask me questions. If I haven’t covered anything you want to know in a blog or video, let me know I’ll try and cover it in a future post.

Until next time,

Peace out.

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