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How To Become A Webcam Model

Hi, guys, and welcome back to another Blog on UKDAZZZ. This blog on how to become a Webcam Model is on sex toys. They’re a great way to making a little bit more money when you live streaming on cam. Now I don’t necessarily just mean normal sex toys, although they can be great and good fun for you good fun for the clients.

But the ones I’m talking about today are stuff like your interactive ones from Lovense they are a game-changer they work fantastically well in building your tips from your client.

How Interactive Toys Work On Webcam Sites

All sites are Lovense compatible and depending on the site you may need to or download an addiction plug into your browser or computer. You will also need to have to download an app to your phone. But we will cover that ore a little later.

So how the Lovense toys work is that the client logs into you your chat room and can trigger the toy by activating the toy for a short period of time and the more they tip the longer and faster the toys react. If lots of people tip at the same time the system queues the tips and when one stops the next starts. 

Setting Up Interactive Toy On Cam Site

The setup can be a little tricky depending on what site you sit sign up with. When ordering your Lovense you can either connect your phone to the toy through Bluetooth and then scan a QR code with your phone.

If you choose not to your phone you can buy a Bluetooth dongle from Lovense which will send the signals to the toys. Whatever way you choose to connect your toy you will need to download the Lovense Connect APP from their website. make sure you get the correct one that is the APP’s name. If you get the wrong one it won’t trigger when tipped trust me I have worked that out the hard way.

Once connected make sure you are close to the dongle as if you are out of range it will disconnect. 

Chaturbate will need to download an extension for chrome. With Streamate you just need to scan a QR code. 

Adult Toys In General

In general, if Lovense is not your you consider using toys for your shows clients love them and they are great fun. If you don’t know what to buy here is a link to a site that delivers worldwide and offers some of the best prices for the most technically advances toys. Check them out they are called Lustyage.

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How To Become A Webcam Model (Interactive Toys)

Back To Lovense

Another little cool way of earning money, which is what I do, is to sell time using the toy. What Lovense offers is a link that you can send out and it will trigger for a pre-determined time by you. Once that time runs out it cuts off. You can let them watch you on your cam and they don’t have to spend money on the cam site.

These toys are not just for women there is a wide variety of toys for guys and girls so something for everyone here and all fully compatible on the cam sites.

Wrapping up

Toys are a really good way to earn more from camming. I bought mine and the first night I used it, it paid for its self. They really are good. Make sure you have the correct app and buy the dongle if you don’t want to connect it via your phone.

Thanks for reading if you haven’t noticed I have sprinkled links to the sites throughout the site but if you missed them you can click here. Should you have any questions leave a comment or hit me up o my Social Media

Until next time 

Peace out.

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How To Become A Webcam Model (Interactive Toys)

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