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How To Be A Webcam Model Podcast
Streamate Review 2022

Streamate Review 2022

Hi guys and welcome back to another episode of How to Become a webcam model. In today’s blog, I’m going to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes of streaming. I’m also going to show you how to navigate around the site and give you a review of stream eight at the end of the video.

Hi guys, I’m UKDAZZZ As always, let’s dive into the blog. Once you have signed up for an account with stream eight, this is what your dashboard will look like working down the left-hand side we’re going to go and first work stats and feedback. The first thing you see on the left-hand side is my earnings. This is simply everything you have earned within a week on Streamate. These weeks are from Sunday to Sunday.

Underneath that is my rating. These are the ratings that your clients will give you it can go from anywhere to one and five stars and they get an average of your performance over the last 90 days I believe they work out from moving down the page, we’ve got my favourites and that is everyone who has added you to their favourites list.

Streamate Review 2022 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
Streamate Review 2022

Next is tags and these are also left by clients. It’s just a short way basically of leaving a comment on your video without actually leaving a comment they can use a hashtag instead. Moving on time online is the amount of time you’ve spent online. When you click on this window, it will give you a full list and breakdown of the time you’ve spent online with graphs

Finally on this list is blocked, customers. This is obviously anyone you block within your live stream. You can go into this and reactivate people and let them back in if you choose to.


The first box down here is Media Manager. This is where you upload all your videos and pictures for your customers to buy. You can also set the prices here and write descriptions on your content. Moving on to the next one down is fan club subscriptions. This is where you can see how many people have subscribed to your fan club.

You can also create new fan clubs from here also the next option down is your wish list. Unlike a proper wish list, all the options in this list will not be sent to your house. Every item is a fictitious item. It’s just another way of getting more money out of your clients

Streamate Review 2022 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
Streamate Review 2022

Moving down again. And this is your message centre. Any customers who send you a private message in your live stream, this is where they end up. You’ll also find your messages from Streamate in this inbox as well. At the very bottom of the list is videos. And this is all the video content that you’ve uploaded online. You can find it here and just view the statistics and how many people have bought it stuff like that.


Moving into the middle of the page now is your profile. From here you can change your profile picture description of your show. And you can also set your kinks and blocked geo-locations.

Rates And Shows

Moving on to the right-hand side of the screen is rates and shows what you can do from here is set the rate of your private and your exclusive shows the difference between the two is private shows multiple people can join at the same time exclusive is just one on one.

Next on the list is freight analysis. This is where you can get a full breakdown of your earnings whilst you’ve been online. It will give you a breakdown of your exclusive shows and your private shows and work out the percentage you’ve earned per minute whilst being live.

Finally on this list is my schedule. This is where you can tell your customers when you’re online. Over the last few weeks, this option has changed slightly where the computers will give the clients a rough guesstimate, on your previous last 90 days worth of shows. So if you’re more likely to be online on a Friday, it will automatically make the changes for you.

So you don’t have to be too worried about setting this is something you can set at the beginning. As time goes on, you can forget about it because the computer will automatically start setting your schedules last

Streamate Support

On the right-hand side is support. The first option is anything string mate related. So you can either start a live chat once you click on this option, or you can search the archives and find anything that might also have been asked previously by someone else they make a list or a blog.

They just keep you up to date on this site. Next on the list is pineapple and these guys are an organisation that has been set up to provide adult workers with support with some of the stuff that they may see and get exposed to online and at the very bottom is Fosta. And these people are where you report any illegal activities going on.


At the very bottom of the list is my account. And this is where you can change stuff like your password and just Some of the basics of your accounts are ins stuff like your email address code, that kind of thing.

Scrolling back up to the very top of the page, we’re going to first click on Dashboard. All these options here are just the fastest way of getting to where you want to be on your webcam site. Then moving along, we’ve got customers and once again, you can see it’s a quicker way of getting to a particular area on the dashboard.


Streamate Review 2022 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
Streamate Review 2022

Moving along the top is reports and this gives you a full breakdown of your performance you’ve had online so far, and again on the top row here is support in here you can find Frequently Asked Questions and contact stream eight directly. You can also change your password from here and check the latest guidelines from Streamate.

Streamate Inbox

Finally, on the right-hand side is your inbox. Any messages sent by Streamate or by your clients will end up here to start your live stream

Going Live On Streamate And Verification

all you need to do is click on the blue button in the middle of the page that says Start Streaming. Once clicked, you’ll be asked to verify that you’ve read the terms and conditions and you agree to all the policies that stream mate have set, then you’re going to be asked to take a live picture of yourself. This is to verify you are the account holder.

Streamate Chat Dashboard

Once you’ve been verified, you’ll be taken to your streaming dashboard. As you can see on the left-hand side is your camera image.

If you hover your mouse on this window, it will give you the option of turning up your microphone or muting it, you can also take a fresh picture that gets streamed on to the live dashboard to the customers so where their toes are, if you click on the little camera on here, it will take a picture of you in a position that you might like and it’ll put it instantly on to that page. If that makes sense.

Then under this window, you’ve got the stop/start stream button. If you’ve done the verification, your stream will automatically start, you can stop and start it by clicking on this button. To the right of it. You can record live videos from your shows. So if you’re doing a show that is particularly good, you can hit the red button and it will start recording your stream.

Moving down on the left-hand side you’ve got the current time you’ve spent online it’ll also give you a breakdown of the number of private shows you’ve had for this session. underneath. This is your streaming quality, and it’ll give you your bit rates and your frames per second and the quality of your stream to your clients.

Finally, on the left-hand side is stream topics. This is where you can set topics that you want to talk about or particular shows that you want to perform on the day. Currently, it’s deactivated in Streamate are looking to reintroduce it very soon. And I don’t know why they took it off in the first place. But it is set to come back very soon.

In the middle of the page. It will show you how many people are in your chat room at the same time. Whether it be open chat page chat or exclusive chat. You can see from here the number of people who are in your room. At the very bottom, you’ve got your potential members and these are people that have not signed up to stream may yet or not logged in. It shows here how many people are watching you but have not actually signed up yet.

Stremate Chat Features

Moving to the top right of your page.

Tip Menu

Now the first option you’ve got is your tip menu. This is where you can set your added extras to charge your clients stuff like shaking your bum. And twerking and flexing and all this kind of thing can be set here it is a pre-approved list. So Streamate has made this list for you can’t make up your own tips like other cam sites.

Phone calls

Next to the tech menu on the right-hand side is the Phone icon. This is something I don’t think gets used very often. But it was it used to be a way for people to have phone sex. As times change with stream eight, you can now see to see like cam to cam with clients so it doesn’t get used as often as it used to. It’s still there as an option for your customers.

Streamate Review 2022 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
Streamate Review 2022

Basically, how it works is you register your number with string mate. And when a client clicks on the button to make a phone call to you, it will divert through a switchboard and ring your end on the phone and it’s not giving your phone number to the client. It’s really diverting them through the system. Your phone will ring I’ve had it happen to me where your phone rings it says it’s stream mate and it asks you wherever you want to accept a call from a particular client. You agree to that call it connects and you just have phone sex.

External shows

Moving on to the right-hand side is an external shutter It’s not something everyone has, you have to ask for it for Streamate. It’s something they can set up very quickly they did for me. But if you’ve got another website, you’ve got your own personal website and you want to incorporate your chat from Streamate into your website. This is how you go about well, you’ll first need to do is get the code in from the support pages and drop them into your web page.

As I say, this is something you have to set up for Streamate, it takes a few minutes to do they’re really good to actually set it up for you. I’ve not particularly used that yet I’ve played with it. It does work. It’s a bit complicated at times. It’s just another way of bringing the customers that you might have on your website who are visiting the page and letting them chat with you without having to log in to Streamate.

Interactive Toys

Moving on to the right again now is bloke toys. And this is how you turn on and off your loving and interactive toys. If you want to know how to set these up, then check out the blog above it’ll give you full instructions and a tutorial on how to set up your interactive Lovense toy.

Spin The Wheel

Moving to the right now is spin the wheel. If you haven’t used the webcam site before, this is another way of creating interaction with your clients, what you do is you set the options on the wheel, and you set a price to spin it wherever it lands on you agree obviously to do again, like the tip menu. These options are created by Streamates so you can’t personalise this list.

Finally on the right-hand side here is you’re gone chose to get this option, you do have to meet minimum requirements that are set by stream mate. The way it works is you set a price goal that you want to reach. And you’re going to have a show at the end of it. And what clients will do is come in and tip towards that target goal.

Quick Text

Moving down to the bottom of the screen now is where you type your chat to your clients. From here, you can add stuff like emojis to your chat, you can also add pre-written text responses as well. So if you get asked the same question a million times, you can go into this button, type it or the response out for the client.

Every time that question gets asked, you just select this box, hit the icon and it just automatically puts it on the screen. The last two boxes on the right-hand side here is just simply making your text on your chat window bigger and smaller. So if you’re sitting further away from the camera, you can make it bigger, so you can see it from wherever you’re sitting in the room.

Dashboard And Chat Settings

Okay, we’re getting there, we’re getting close to the end. So moving on to the very top of the page now is your home button. And this is literally just clicking on that button, it will send you back to your dashboard. To the right of that is videos. This is where your videos ended up that you’ve recorded during your live streams. You can download them from here as well. Moving on to the right-hand side again now with settings and once you’ve clicked this, it brings up a new menu.

The first page will let you set your cam settings and your microphone settings. performances in this list will let you change the layout of your page. And you can change how many seconds it takes before it starts recording from here as well. And moving down on this list is chat settings. This is where you can set your notifications so when someone enters your room, you can select wherever you want to make sounds on your screen or anything like that.

Streamate Review 2022 Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
Streamate Review 2022

Moving down on this list now is gold Show Settings. And this is where you select your prices and set the description of your goal chose moving down again is your gold menu. And this is your tip page. So if you select one of these boxes, it will bring up the list for your tip menu.

Underneath the gold menu is your interactive toys. This will give you a list of linked toys to your webcam site. It’ll also let you set up more interactive toys from here. Finally at the very bottom is your spin the wheel and this is where you select all the items that appear on your spin the wheel list and how you can set your prices with it almost to the end now.

So we’re going to go back to the main chat page and click on my earnings in this window. It gives you a full breakdown of your earnings for that day. You can also go back to the beginning of the week and get a whole week’s worth of information on your earnings. Or you can go back as far as a month, two months, three months, whatever the case may be, you can set a particular date period and find out how much you earned in that particular week or day.

Finally, on the top row is the help page. This again, takes you back to string mates help topics Okay, so that was a lot of information on how to use and where to find stuff on the Streamate dashboard and the chat window.

Stremate Review

So I thought I’d spend the rest of this time on the blog to give a little review on what I think about Streamate. Obviously, I can only speak as a male performer and not as one of the ladies who are absolutely tearing it up at the moment.

So I have been working with stream mate for the last six years, five, six years, I
think it is now. And these are still my go-to guys for webcamming. Some of the things that I like is that it’s very simple to use, they have a great team on the discord that will look at problems that you might be having and resolve issues that might come up and you enter a support ticket.

It could take two-three days to come back where you can log into discord, you can get an answer within 5-10 minutes. I also like the fact that everything’s dealt with money. So when you’re in a show, other than gold, you don’t have to work out in your own ins and stuff like how much that show you earned in that show. It tells you exactly how much money you earn in dollars for that one performance.

I do just like how easy it just interacts with everything like the Lovense toys, stuff like that very easy to set up. They do that on their own, they’ve got their own sort of system to how to do that. So it’s very easy to do. Some of the things I don’t like about Streamate, I wouldn’t say it’s the fairest balanced site in the world. So you do get a lot of focus on the females, I understand that the lady’s absolutely smashing it on the other side. They’ve dragged in customers from all over the place.

But I feel there’s a bit of an unbalance with the guys, to the girls. So if you’re a lady watching this, and you’re thinking about using string mate do it. Because there’s a very good chance you’re going to get a lot of customers very quickly.

If you’re a guy, it’s harder, it’s a lot harder, there’s probably less than 10% of what there is of men than what there is of women. So we’re like on the minority, it’s a lot harder, and you have to work on string mate to get your customers in. And spending money. It’s not like other campsites like Chatterbait, which has a really high volume of traffic there, it’s a lot slower. But when it pays off, it pays off a lot better than what it does on Chatterbait.

So it comes with an added bonus that you will get paid more working with stream mate than what you will do with stuff like Chatterbait. But man, you’ve got to work for it, you’ve actually got to work for it. It’s not as easy as everyone makes out. Especially when you get it onto my age, you’ve got to work that little bit harder.

If you’re a male performer, you’re very limited on stuff like tip menu items and spin wheel, stuff like that. It’s not very male orientated where if you’re a female, if you’re a lady, you’re it’s set up for you, you can wiggle your boobs and Shake your bum. And it’s very much for the female performer in the tip menu items, the male performers, there’s not that much you’re very limited on items that you can choose to add to your tip menu.

There’s stuff like flex, I get that for muscular guys, can flex, and it looks great. I can’t do that. But there are very few more specific things that you can do and add to your tip menu. So I think that’s probably one of the biggest issues I have. It’s just not very fair, that I get that the ladies are making all the money. I think guys would earn just as much on there if they gave him the ability to do so.

On the whole, I would still recommend any guy or any woman getting on Streamate giving it a go. It’s easy to set up. There’s so much you can do on there. It’s fun. If it stops becoming fun, you can turn your camera off. You can stop streaming for a month or two, go back to it and pick up where you left off and have another crack at it.

As always, like follow share, subscribe and hit that notification icon for future videos. If you’ve got any questions come and hit me up in the comments box below, on my blog or come and find me on social media. All those links are listed in the description below.

Streamate Review 2022

Until Next Time

Peace Out

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