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Lovense Toys And 3DXChat

Lovense Toys And 3DXChat

Lovense Toys And 3DXChat Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ

Hi guys and welcome back to another Lovense into the blog today I’m going to be talking about how Lovense are working with gaming developers to create a virtual reality world where you can use Lovense toys don’t forget to hit that like and subscribe button and let’s get into the post

hi guys I’m UKDAZZZ so like I said at the start of the blog. Lovense is working with game developers such as 3DXChat to create a virtual reality world where you can use your interactive toys with loving thoughts. This is only something I recently noticed while trawling through love into his website. So from what I can tell 3DXChat is very similar to naughty Sims.

alt="Lovense Toys And 3DXChat"
Lovense Toys And 3DXChat

You can customize your own characters and you can design your own rooms then when you want to get your free con you can invite people to your place and have a party the game can be played without a Lovense toy it’s not a necessity it just adds more spice to the game.

You can also use a VR headset to fully immerse yourself into your virtual world. I have added the trailer here for you to have a look at it is edited because a lot of this stuff won’t be allowed on YouTube. If you want to see the unedited version then check out the link HERE

Lovense Toys And 3DXChat

Looks like quite a fun game and I might actually sign up for this for myself.

There are two more games that are in production at the moment one’s kind of like Final Fantasy. Another one is very similar to 3DXChat and from what I can see on the websites they are both going to be fully compatible with your VR headset as well make sure you subscribe because I will make a video once they’ve been released.

So if you haven’t got a Lovense, or you’re thinking about signing up to 3DXChat, then check out the two links Here Lovense Toys, 3DXChat. If you have got a Lovense toy it’s completely compatible with the 3DXChat game. All Lovense toys are compatible on the platform.

That’s it for this blog guys.

I hope you found it useful as always follow, share, and subscribe for future blogs. If you’ve got any questions come and hit me up in the comments box below on my blog or come and find me on social media.

Until next time,

peace out

Lovense Toys And 3DXChat

Lovense Toys And 3DXChat Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ

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