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Onahole Motsutoys
Onahole And Motsutoys KYO Capsule 2 Stroker

Onahole And Motsutoys KYO Capsule 2 Stroker

Hi guys and welcome back to another Onahole and Motsutoys video in today’s episode I’m going to be telling you about the KYO capsule 2 so don’t forget to hit that like And subscribe button and let’s get into the Blog.

Hi guys I’m UKDAZZZ as always and as I said at the start of the blog I will be telling you about the KYO Capsule 2 from Onahole and Motsutoys I’m going to give you a quick unboxing blog to show you what’s inside and then I’m going to show you how to use it then I’ll be tell you a little bit more about it and I’ll be giving you a review at the end of the blog so that’s enough waffling for me let’s get into the unboxing bit

Unboxing KYO Capsule 2 Pocket Pussy

alt="Onahole Motsutoys KYO Capsule 2" alt="Onahole And Motsutoys"
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Okay guys so I’m going to open the box now and show you what’s inside there was a shipping label on the outside but nothing else

Inside the Box you get an order note which tells you and lists what you’ve purchased and this is what that bit of paper is at the top here underneath that is a large bottle of lube and the Capsule 2 toy I will be making a separate video for the lube so make sure to hit that like And subscribe button I’m going to put that aside for one moment and take out the KYO Capsule 2 so let’s open it up and see what you get inside inside the Box the first thing we see is our KYO Capsule 2 toy.

Underneath that is our charging cable and we’ve got our instruction manual now let’s show you the toy and show you how to use it the Capsule 2 is open-ended and there’s two caps either side of the toy so it doesn’t matter how big your Willie is it will fit in all the way through the sleeve is made of TPE there are two rows of bumps either end and a row of ridges through the middle on the outside of the toy

How To Use Capsule 2

There are two buttons that say push and if you squeeze those it will contract the inside of the toy in between these two big buttons is the magnetic charging cable port and the on-off switch and mode function buttons on the other side to turn on the toy all you need to do is hold down the left hand side button and the right hand side button flicks through the modes.

Onahole And Motsutoys KYO Capsule 2 Stroker Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
Buy Your Capsule 2 Toy Here

Once switched on the two Motors either side will vibrate. Once you finish with the toy rinse it clean leave it to air dry and put the Caps back on so there you have it that’s what you get when you buy the KYO Capsule 2 from Onahole and Motsutoys if you have found this video useful so far please do hit that like And subscribe button.

How Big Is The KYO Capsule Stroker

So there you have it that’s how you use the KYO Capsule 2 from Onahole and Motsutoys as always now I’m going to go on to tell you the measurements of the toy so the toy measures 104 mm from top to bottom a nice 25 mm across and it weighs in at 146 Grams left on its highest setting it will last for 50 minutes of continuous use now I may be wrong on this but I believe this is IPX 6 water resistant.

If I’m wrong on that I’ll leave it on the screen here now

I’ve told you the external measurements but the internal measurements from here to here is 25 mm now review time this is actually quite a little bit heavier than I was expecting other toys are lighter I’m not going to lie but but this is probably one of the quietest toys I’ve used as I said earlier in the video there are 12 inbuilt patterns on the toy. I’m actually going to turn it on now and let you listen to how quiet it is remember there are two Motors that are running inside this toy.

Onahole And Motsutoys KYO Capsule 2 Stroker Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
Buy Your Capsule 2 Toy Here

Another good point to make is that this toy doesn’t have any apps and because there’s no apps and extra technology inside that’s not needed that reflects in the price this is a lot cheaper than other toys. Now when I used this I measured it up before I actually used it and I thought I was going to be too big and though I’m not bragging I’ve got a big penis I just thought I was going to be a bit too girthy for it .

But what was a very nice surprise is that there is lots of movement with inside the actual sleeve itself so once you go in you think it’s going to be too tight it’s got a lot of give there and what makes it nice is once you’re inside you can give the sides a squeeze and get even more pleasure out of it.

Now if you have been inspired to buy the Capsule 2 from Onahole and Motsutoys there is a link in my description below this link will take you to my website where you’ll be able to find the Onahole and Motsutoys logos if you’re in the US then click on the Onahole link if you’re in Europe or the UK then click on the Motsutoys link and both of these links are affiliate links they don’t cost you any more to buy from but they do give me a very small percentage of Onahole and Motsutoys profits if you choose to buy something.

If you have found this blog useful please do hit that like And subscribe button and if you’ve got any questions feel free to drop them in the comments box below on my blog. Or come and find me on social media. All those links are also listed in the description below.

That’s it for this video guys thanks for watching.

until next time

peace out

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