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How To Be A Webcam Model Podcast
5 More Questions On How To Be A Webcam Model

5 More Questions On How To Be A Webcam Model

Hi, guys, and welcome back to another blog on how to become a webcam model. I’m UKDAZZZ and today we’re going to be covering some 5 more of your questions that you’ve been asking on my social media.

So let’s dive into the first one.

Why Do Webcam Sites Ask For My Address? And are they going to send me mail?

So if I had to hazard a guess on this one, I would say it’s more to do with tax purposes than anything else. A long time ago, obviously, webcam sites would pay by check each month for each week, whenever your payday was in there, put it in a post and they’d send it to your house. That obviously doesn’t happen anymore. Some webcam sites still do offer that as a service.

The reason I think it’s more to do with tax purposes is that you have to fill out a W9, W8, or a W8 – ben if I Remember rightly. they and that’s basically saying to the American government, because most of these campsites are from America, that you’re either a US citizen living in America, which is a W9 and that form you fill out for them if you are an American citizen living in the US.

A W8 is a form for US citizens living outside of America which you fill that form in to say you should be paying taxes still in America. If I remember rightly. And it W8-Ben is a form to say you are a non-US citizen living outside of America, you’ve got nothing to do with their tax purpose.

As far as anything gets sent to you, by post, I’ve never had anything sent to me by the American government saying I owe money or the webcam selects sending me junk mail. That just doesn’t happen. They’re very, very discreet, so there’s no reason to worry about it. It’s, as I say, I think it’s more to do with, they might pay you by cheque if you ever wanted it, or the American government is just looking for who should be paying into the system.

alt="5 More Questions On How To Be A Webcam Model"
5 More Questions On How To Be A Webcam Model

Should I Sign As An Independent Webcam Model Or Through A Studio?

The next question is should you sign up with a studio or as an independent webcam model. This one’s really easy for me always sign up independently. A cam studio will charge the webcam company, they will also take a small percentage of your earnings. So you will earn likes. So always make sure you sign up as an independent webcam model.

How Much Should I charge or Tip Menu Items?

The next question is how much should you charge for your tip menu items This one can be a little bit tricky to answer because obviously, everyone’s slightly different. What I would suggest doing is take 20 or 30 different cam models, have a look in their chat room, and see what they are charging for their tip menu items and get an average of what others are charging.

if you want to put it a little bit more, you’re more than welcome to do so obviously, you can change that back at a later date. So if you set your prices too high, and no one’s using the tip menu items, just drop it. Likewise, if you’re getting lots and lots of people using it, maybe you could earn a little bit more for doing what you’re doing.

You might want to bump up and just try it for like a week and see what differences stuff like fetishes, again, check other people’s room but on average, you can charge a lot more for doing fetish things in your live show. So if there are different ways to do it, that. I’m sorry there’s no definitive answer. But it’s just playing with the settings looking at what your competition is doing and gauging it from there.

How To Over Come Nerves Whilst Webcamming?

The next question I was asked was how do I overcome my nerves whilst webcamming? The way I overcome my nerves when I first started webcamming was I bought myself a set of post-it notes and I sound stupid hearing out but I bought a pack of post-it notes and I stuck one of those post-it notes on my live outfeed window. And for those who are not signed up to a webcam site yet that window basically shows you what your clients can see. And as soon as I took myself out of the equation, it made it so much easier.

I wasn’t sitting there critiquing myself thinking all I look like this or I should be looking I should be sitting soon as you stop seeing yourself you just forget that you’re even on a webcam site or you are on is basically in a chat site and you’re typing to people. That’s it. After a day or so, take that bit of paper off and you will never look at that camera again.

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5 More Questions On How To Be A Webcam Model

From time to time you just notice that you are not in shot. You’ll just see it at the corner of your eye you won’t even notice what you are doing.

But yeah, buy a pack of post-it notes it worked for me and as I say two weeks of being really nervous every time I live-streamed after a day of putting post-it notes it worked. I’ve never been nervous since.

That is it, that’s how I overcome my nerves.

What Film editing Software Do I Use To Edit Videos And Custom Content?

So the last question for this video is what film editing software do I used to make my custom content? So that’s a really easy one to answer. I use Filmora there is a paid version and obviously a free version. The difference between the two, it is worth getting the paid one by far basically because you can’t take away the watermark in the bottom corner and the free version.

Filmora is a basic simple drag and drop system that you just each scene you want to read it you just drop into it you can adjust the volume overlays that kind of thing. There’s so much it does. I know there be people saying there are better programs out there. But I use that and I’ve never had a problem with it.

Wraping up another blog – 5 More Questions On How To Be A Webcam Model

Thanks for reading another blog. I hope I’ve covered all the questions that I could possibly get in. If there is anything I’ve missed, there might be something I’ve covered in one of my other Posts. So go back and have a look at my previous ones and see if there’s anything in there that might help you.

That’s it for another blog guys. I hope you found it useful. Please share and subscribe for more posts. If you’ve got any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments box below on my blog or find me on my social media.

Until next time, guys,

peace out.

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5 More Questions On How To Be A Webcam Model

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