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Lovense Mini Sex Machine

Lovense Mini Sex Machine – New From Lovense

Lovense Mini Sex Machine Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ

Hi guys and welcome back to a very unexpected Lovense blog. Lovense have released a new toy and this is the Lovense mini sex machine find out everything you need to know let’s get into the blog.

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Hi guys I’m UKDAZZZ as always and as I said at the start of the blog Lovense have released their new Mini sex machine. Now I know a lot of people don’t like these styles of blog because I’m not actually showing you the toy. But not everyone keeps an eye on the Lovense website so when a new toy is released I try and make a video of it to let everyone know.

What do you need to know about the new Lovense mini sex machine?

Mini Sex Machine Weight

Firstly it’s half the price of the larger sex machine it weighs in at 7lb this is 3.2 kg the larger version of the toy weighs 25lb and this is 11.4 kg

Lovense mini Sex Machine Size

The length of the toy measures 23.9 in which is just over 60 cm long the height of the toy measures 11.5 in which is just slightly over 29 cm in comparison to the larger toy it measures 40.4 in and has a height of 17.7

When we talk about how noisy a toy is we measure it in decibels and the decibel reading for the Lovense mini sex machine is 60 DB

Lovense Mini Sex Machine Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
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Lovense Sex Machine stroke speed

It has a stroking speed of 260 Strokes per minute the larger version of the toy has 300 Strokes per minute

It also has a frost length of 3 in whereas the larger version has a 4 and 1/2 in stroke length

Lovense Sex Machine Compatible

Like all Lovense toys it is fully compatible with the Lovense remote app and for those webcam models who are thinking of buying the toy it’s also compatible with tip menus. So you might be wondering what do you get when you buy the Loving’s Minx machine.

What Comes With The Lovense Mini Sex Machine?

Firstly get all the charging cables you will also receive a cabled remote and you’ll also get one vacuum lock attachment and because it uses vac-u-lock you can use any compatible vac-u-lock toys.

Where To Buy Lovense Toys

If you have have been inspired to buy the new Lovense mini sex machine there is a link in the description below it is an affiliate link it doesn’t cost you any more to use but it does give me a very small percentage of Lovense profits

If you have got any questions feel free to drop them in the comments box below on my blog or come and find me on social media all those links are also listed in the description below that’s it for this blog guys thanks for watching don’t forget to hit that like And subscribe button

until next time

peace out

Lovense Mini Sex Machine Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ

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