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Lovense Hush 2 Butt plug + Review And Unboxing

Lovense Hush 2 Butt plug + Review And Unboxing Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ

Lovense Hush 2 Butt plug + Review And Unboxing

Hi guys and welcome back to another Lovense episode in today’s blog I’m going to be telling you about the Lovense hush 2. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and let’s get into the blog.

Hi, guys, I’m UKDAZZZ as always so after doing the 30-day NoFap challenge I did decide to buy myself a new toy 24 hours before the challenge ended this turned up. So I’m going to unbox it now and show you what you get when you buy the Lovense hush 2.

Opening up the Lovense hush 2 box for the first time as you can see the box is extremely discreet. If I hadn’t told you what it was I don’t think many people would have guessed what was inside. Like all Lovense toys, their packaging is extremely discreet. It sounds really sad but I really do like the quality of the boxes that Lovense provides. When you actually get the cellophane off you can open it up and it feels like a new iPhone box it almost has that perfect smooth slide out.

alt="Lovense Hush 2 Butt plug"
Lovense Hush 2 Butt plug

But we’re not here to talk about the box we’re talking about the toy inside so let’s have a look the first thing we’re going to take a look at is the universal Lovense charging cable this charging cable is compatible with all Lovense toys so if your charging cable does get damaged you can use the cable from another toy and if you don’t have another Lovense toy you can pick up another cable from their website the link for that’s in the description below.

Now before I get to the Lovense toy I’m going to show you what you additionally get in your Lovense hush 2 box when I actually finish wrestling with the box one of the first things you’ll find is the quick setup guide and user manual for your Lovense hush 2. if you want to see how to use the Lovense apps then check out the video playlist the final thing you’ll find in your box is the Lovense storage bag this comes with most Lovense toys now.

I’m gonna move on to what you’ve finally come to watch the blog for as you can see the toy has a nice low profile base to turn on the toy all you need to do is hold the button down and wait for the red light to start flashing to use the toy as a freestanding unit all you need to do is push the power button repeatedly this will shuffle through the preset patterns loaded onto the toy.

Lovense Hush 2 Butt plug + Review And Unboxing Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
Lovense Hush 2 Butt plug

I bought the 1.5-inch hush 2 which is about two fingers in diameter. Lovense does sell three other sizes one smaller and two larger to turn the toy off once you’ve finished using it all you need to do is hold down the on-off button. The only thing left to show you is the charging points at the bottom of the toy these are magnetic so all you need to do is stick your charging cable to the toy.

So as I said in the blog the hush 2 comes in four different sizes the next one down to this is the one inch this one’s the 1.5 then it goes up to 1.75 and up again to 2.25 now the next time you see this would have been up my bum okay before I went to bed last night I gave this bad boy a test and for me personally the 1.5 inch was a perfect size I don’t personally think I could have gone any bigger and if you’re a seasoned pro and you decide to buy the biggest plug I’m sure you’re not going to be disappointed.

Now I’m not going to lie I did need to use a fair bit of lube as I am quite tight at the moment because I did the NoFap challenge one of the good things about it is the base is a very nice size it’s not too big it sits comfortably when I did actually get it in it gives a nice grip it’s not easy to push out so I think it’d be really good to use on a day-to-day basis whilst you’re out and about.

Lovense Hush 2 Butt plug + Review And Unboxing Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
Lovense Hush 2 Butt plug

Once the toy was in it is extremely comfortable once you actually get past the knobbly bit cranking up the vibration on the app really does feel nice and whilst you’re using it you can move it around inside a little bit by creating a bit of tension on the bottom of the base to get a better sensation.

If I have inspired you to buy the Lovense Hush 2 or any other Lovense toys then please do use the link below. It is an affiliate link it doesn’t cost you any more to use but it does give me a very small percentage of Lovenses profits if you choose to buy something. If you have any questions come and hit me up in the comments box below on my blog or come and find me on social media all those links are listed in the description below.

Until next time guys

Peace out

Lovense Hush 2 Butt plug

Lovense Hush 2 Butt plug + Review And Unboxing Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ

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