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How To Be A Webcam Model Podcast
5 Ways To Earn More Money As A Webcam Model

5 Ways To Earn More Money As A Webcam Model

Hi guys, and welcome back to how to become a webcam model. In this blog, we’re going to be covering 5 ways you can increase your earnings as a webcam model.

These 5 tips are so highly recommended that even the webcam sites themselves encourage you to use them.

So let’s dive into the first one.

Add Tip Menus to your webcam model page.

The first thing you know to do is set up your tip menu. Every webcam site has the ability to set tips from clients. So the type of things you want to be putting on your tip menu are things like different poses that you might want people to see you in. Fetishes are always a good one to add to it. If people like feet, add the option for people to tip you more to see your feet, socks, underwear, that kind of thing.

Add games to your webcam model page.

The second way you can add a little bit more money is by adding games to your webcam. Every site now I believe offers some form of a game, whether it be spin the wheel, roller dice, or whatever they offer, it all generates you extra income, and the items that will go on that spin the wheel game will most likely be your choice. I don’t think any site tells you what clients are going to win. But you can choose what goes on in the game, what the rewards are, and how much it is to play that game.

Use Interactive toys in your Camgirl / Camboy shows.

alt="5 Ways To Earn More Money As A Webcam Model"
5 Ways To Earn More Money As A Webcam Model

Another really good way of earning extra money is by using Lovense toys. If you haven’t seen my previous video, go back and have a look. The way they work basically is a client will tip you it will vibrate or move. You will earn extra money from this. They are expensive normally, but they are worth their money.

Add content on platforms like OnlyFans, ManyVids and your webcam profile.

Another good way of earning more money is by making content available for your clients when you’re not online, or they don’t have time to sit and watch you live, they can download it and watch you later. You can use sites such as many vids JustForFans, OnlyFans, chances are even your webcam site will provide hosting for your content.

Earn the most webcamming by doing this.

The one thing by far that will earn you the most money is by streaming more. I know this one sounds really stupid. But the number of people I’ve spoken to in the past who complain that they don’t earn enough money and when asked how often they’re streaming, they’re doing like once a day for an hour, twice a week.

That’s not enough time for people to find who you are and find you online. The chances of you bit bumping into someone who’s going to spend lots of money is pretty slim. So you want to spend more time online, especially when you’re starting up to maximize the number of people that will see your webcam.

These people are going to be the ones that subscribe to your social media, they’re going to do you’re OnlyFans by your content, use your interactive toys, play your games, and tip you from your tip menu. That’s the reason why you stream more and it is going to by far earn you more money than any other tip I’ve given so far.

Wrapping up another blog

So I hope you found it useful. I know it’s a short and simple blog, but I thought this is the best way for people to know how to earn more money when being a webcam model.

That’s it for another Blog guys. I hope you found it useful.

As always like, follow, share and subscribe If you’ve got any questions, drop them in the comments box on this blog on my YouTube video or hit me up on social media. All the links are listed in the text above including some handy links to stuff like webcam sign-up sites, interactive toys, that kind of thing.

So until next time,

Peace out.

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Here is 5 ways to earn more money as webcam model
5 Ways To Earn More Money As A Webcam Model

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