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Introducing the New Innovative E-Stim Systems ElectroRing System

While some may provide basic cock rings, E-stim Systems have taken it a step further by presenting a revolutionary ElectroRing System. Comprising not just a solitary ring, but a comprehensive set of rings that serve not only as cock rings but also elevate your electro cock play adventure to a whole new level, almost like a chastity device.

Each ElectroRing within their system is meticulously crafted to work seamlessly with Their heavy-duty 4mm connectors, and they are perfectly designed to work with the 4mm low-profile cables. You won’t even need to fret over choosing the right side to connect the cable since the socket connections are double-sided for your convenience.

Much More Than A Cockring

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The ElectroRing System introduces a modular bipolar arrangement with two rings, meticulously separated from each other by an insulator, ensuring a genuinely bipolar experience. Typically, you’ll position the larger ring behind the testicles, and a smaller ring securely attached to the penile shaft with two thumb screws. Our ElectroRing System is not only user-friendly but also remarkably effective.

Enhanced Security

For those who crave added security, they offer Hex-headed bolts along with a supplied hex key, which makes it incredibly challenging for your subject to remove without the appropriate tool.

Unrivalled Variety of Sizes

E-Stim Systems understand that one size does not fit all, and that’s why they provide an extensive range of sizes, from 30mm to 65mm (internal diameter), all finished with our durable satin touch.

System or Singles

The Ring system pack comes complete with two rings, a separator block, and all the necessary fittings. All you need to do is pick the ring sizes, and there’s no need to second-guess, as they thoughtfully engraved the ring sizing on each one.

If you’re simply on the hunt for an exceptional standard cock ring featuring 4mm connections, you also have the option to purchase a single ring, the choice is yours.

ElectroRing System Sizing Made Simple

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To ensure a comfortable fit, use a paper or fabric tape measure to gauge the circumference around your shaft and behind your testicles. One ring should be sized to fit behind the testicles, while the other should be sized to comfortably encircle the shaft of the penis. Consult the table for the appropriate conversion to ring internal diameters. It’s important to strike a balance; the rings should be snug but not overly tight when you’re erect. Too tight, and you might encounter discomfort; too loose, and you could experience hotspots.

Guaranteed for a Lifetime

With E-Stim Systems ElectroRing, They Nearly always offer a lifetime guarantee, and the ElectroRing is no exception. Constructed from a single piece of metal, it’s remarkably robust. In normal usage, breaking it is a rare occurrence.

alt="E-Stim Systems 2B"
alt="ElectroRing System"
E-Stim Systems 2b perfect with the ElectroRing System

They are confident that it can withstand typical activities. However, please note that towing your car or suspending subjects doesn’t fall within the realm of “normal use.” If it somehow does break in normal use, they will replace it without hesitation.

When purchasing the ElectroRing, make sure to add the ELECTRORING ACCESSORY PACK. Its always good to have spare parts should you need them and avoid disappointment if you are planning to use it and find you don’t have you have lost a part.

If you are Looking to try E-Stim Systems for the first time then feel free to check out there site where you will find power boxes, accessories and much more. They offer global delivery.

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