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Onahole Motsutoys
PussyLips Onahole And Motsutoys Review

PussyLips Onahole And Motsutoys Review

hi guys and welcome back to another Onahole and Motsutoys blog in today’s video I’m going to be telling you all about the Onahole PussyLips and I’ve had to say it like that because YouTube will punish me anyway hit that like And subscribe button and let’s get into the blog

hi guys I’m UKDAZZZ as always and as I said at the start of the blog I am going to be showing you the new toy that I’ve received from Onahole so as always I’m going to give you a quick unboxing Blog and show you what you get inside

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When you buy your toy from Onahole and Motsutoys so I’m going to open our box up and show you what’s inside now as you can see there’s nothing on the outside

Inside The PussyLips Onahole Toy Box

There was a shipping label but that’s been removed cuz it had my name and address on other than that there was no mention of the toy branding or what’s inside now there is two items in the Box this is the Onahole PussyLips and this is what I’m going to be opening in today’s

Blog the other is the KYO Steri warmer which I’ve got a link for to that video in the top right hand side of the screen should you want to go and watch it of course with the Ala film taken off the Box let’s show you what’s inside

PussyLips Onahole Toy

PussyLips Onahole And Motsutoys Review Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
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now there isn’t much in here it is only the toy so let’s get the bag open and take a look straight from the off you can see it looks like a mouth on one end and the other end looks like a vagina inside the mouth there is a pair of teeth and as you can see there is also a tongue what I’ll do

Inside The Onahole PussyLips

now I will open the mouth up some more and show you down the throat of the toy and as you’ll notice there is some ribs that run along the inside of the toy and the reason for those ribs is that it gives you more pleasure as you use the toy

now the tongue does move around inside the toy and provides a bit more stimulation whilst you’re using it the inner hole does run the entire length of the toy

PussyLips Onahole And Motsutoys Review Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
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Which means that guys with bigger penises can use it now I’m going to show you the inside of the vagina end apologies for having to blur parts of this out each end of the toy has different textures inside meaning that you’re almost getting two toys for the price of one.

Now I can’t show you too much of the vagina end because YouTube doesn’t like it but by the time you’ve watched this video there will be unedited pictures on my website which you can find the link for in the description below

I do have to say the quality of the toy is really nice it does feel really soft and as you can see it does look really good I have been asked to review similar toys but none of them have looked as good as this one

The KYO Steri Warmer

While I’m here I will quickly show you how to use the KYO Steri warmer from Onahole and Motsutoys the Steri warmer does work on any brand of sleeve and it reaches to about 42° once switched on the element will start warming up and it will also warm up your sleeve the UV light will start killing the germs bacteria and odours inside the sleeve

alt="KYO Steri Warmer"
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This is a great addition to any toy you buy from Onahole and Motsutoys and if you use the link in the description below you will also be able to claim a free toy this is only available through my website there is no promo code which also means if you don’t use my link in the description below you won’t be able to claim the toy.

if you have found this blog useful so far please do hit that like And subscribe button so there you have it that’s what you get when you buy the from Onahole and Motsutoys

Why I Got This Onahole Toy

now this is a different type of toy that I would normally review on my channel there’s no apps there’s no fancy gimmicks it’s just a straight up Stroker and truly the reason I chose it was because it’s two toys in one and you honestly wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve seen guys asking for a mouth as a stroker and the fact that this one’s got a vagina on the back that’s an added bonus

Onahole Texture

now what I didn’t say in the unboxing video is that both ends of the toy have different textures this end which is the vagina end has bumps and lumps that run through the inside and about halfway it gets to a smoother top and a bumpy bottom at the bottom

I’m kind of guessing it’s replicating the real thing now I have use this and it does feel really good inside now one thing that

PussyLips Onahole And Motsutoys Review Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
Buy Toy Here

I really did like about the toy is that because it’s open-ended whilst I was using it it was starting to dry out as lube does I could actually pour fresh Lube in from the other end it just kept everything really running smoothly

Onahole Toys Size

the whole Toy weighs in at 490 G it’s 200 mm long and the absolute maximum width is 75 mm if you want

How To Get A Free Onahole

to see a full range of Onahole toys there is a link in my description below which takes you to my website and by selecting the relevant link it will take you to the Onahole or Motsutoys website

There you’ll be able to see a full range of toys and you’ll be able to claim your own free toy fill out the information in the popup and submit it to claim your free toy this is only an offer that is available through my website it is only while stocks last

So make sure you get in quick both links are affiliate links they don’t cost you any more to use but they do give me a very small percentage of their profits if you choose to buy something

f you have got any questions feel free to drop them in the comments box Below on my blog or come and find me on social media all those links are listed in the description below.

That’s it for me guys

Until next time

Peace Out

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