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Lovense is the leading brand for vibrating interactive sex toys in the United States.

They deliver within the United State and are very discreet when ordering and delivering.

Lovense has a Large range of toys for men and women with a selection of unisex toys as well.

These are The 3 main apps by Lovense. The Remote App, VibeMate App and Connect App

There are also other apps including a dating app.  The key app to all your Lovense toys is the remote app that lets you play with partners Long Distance.

Here are 3 Lovense toys from from their range of vibrating bluetooth toys

All Lovense toys when ordered from their website come with no external labels mentioning Lovense. The seller details on bank statements also do not reference them. 

alt-"Lovense Remote App Phone"
alt="Sex Toy Brands" alt="sex toy Apps"

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