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Lovense Games - 12 Interactive Games

Lovense Games – 12 Interactive Games

Lovense Games - 12 Interactive Games Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ

hi guys and welcome back to another Lovense episode in today’s blog I’m going to be telling you all about Lovense games so don’t forget to hit that like And subscribe button and let’s get into the blog

hi guys I’m UKDAZZZ as always and as I said at the start of the video we will be talking about Lovense games today now when I originally started making Lovense videos I did find a few games that it was compatible with Lovense toys I made a few videos on them and I thought that was the end of it but last week I logged into my account and I see that they added nine new games.

Head Over To The Lovense website

These are nine games that are compatible with Lovense toys now making this video took longer than I was expecting to and that’s because I had to go through all of the clips to see if I could find and use any of the content from their trailers and trust me when I say I can’t show a lot from their trailers.

Lovense Games

MystWood Manor

But I am going to show you as much as I can that won’t get me banned from YouTube some of them you might think are not worth showing but I’m gonna do it anyway so the first game trailer is MystWood Manor thank you

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so you play the game as a manager for a hotel and it’s your responsibility to hire eight members of Staff each member of Staff has their own characteristics and their own backstories and depending on who you hire depends on how the game goes as you play you unlock plot twists and dark secrets the next two games are Treasures of media and the Genesis order and I have put these two together because Genesis of the order is the follow-up.

Treasures of nadir

Treasures of nadir you explore a coastal town searching for articles and Relics and in the sequel the Genesis order you play as a character called Brad who I do believe features in the first game and if you play both games you will see characters that you recognize from the first one and you have to navigate Brad around his University campus exploring different parts the

Next game on my list is wildlife and I’ve actually made a full video tutorial just here but I am going to still play the trailer and I’m going to move on swiftly afterwards so make sure to check out the full tutorial video

Karryns prison

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Compatible VR Headset

Next up has just been released it’s Karryns prison and I was literally just setting up my camera when I noticed they’d added it

Your character is Karryn who is a prison Warden her role is to look after all prison staff and inmates and you know what I mean when I say look after you walk around interacting with prison staff and inmates when I was watching the trailer I could see it was kind of like a 1990s walk around Zelda type game but it’s when you interact with the inmates that the better graphics kick in

Next up is a 3DX Chat Game

Now this is basically the Sims you go to nightclubs parties and to the beach and you hook up with people and I believe they’re in real time so you are interacting with other players and I think this one’s definitely worth a play moving on is mirror life

in this game it’s set in the gym or in a bedroom and I believe this is the only game on the list that is actually developed by Lovense they’ve gone big on graphics on this one but I don’t believe there’s much gameplay I think you actually just hook up with a character in the game and you just go to town moving on quickly is booty calls

this is just like a virtual reality dating app and I think it’s got a few games chucked in there like Candy Crush you swipe left them right on characters within the game and when you find a character that you like you can interact with them and with your toy again the graphics are like 1990s GTA I’m not a big fan of using Graphics like this still but I’m not a game developer moving on is Captain hardcore and this game was released this week

Captain hardcore is College of Kings 2

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Compatible Headset

The way I’d explain this game is your like Captain Kirk exploring the universe getting it on with all those alien chicks this one does actually look quite good I do like the gameplay footage so I will probably give this one a Go released on the same day as Captain hardcore is College of Kings 2.

explores the campus you’ll get invited to parties you’ll meet that college love and you’ll use your Lovense toy the next one is breeders of the Nephilim I have covered this game in a previous video which you can find just above me here so I’m not going to stick around on it too long what I will say is I really did enjoy playing this one the final game on the list is heat and if you’re a furry you’re gonna love this one

You can play this in VR and in 2D now as this ain’t a fully finished game yet it’s constantly being developed and from what I can see if you do contribute towards the game you can have your say an input on what’s developed next so this is really going to be a big expanding game this is definitely one I want to try because it does look quite fun you can find all these games listed on the Lovense website

How To Get A Lovense Toy

If you click on the link below and scroll down to the bottom of the page you’ll see it says Lovense gaming in there you’ll find a list of all the love ends games mentioned in today’s video and if you want to play one of these games but you don’t have a Lovense toy you can play it without them.

If you do want to buy one there is a link in the description below as well it is an affiliate link it doesn’t cost you any more to use but it does give me a very small percentage of Lovense profits if you choose to sign up I haven’t gotten any affiliates with any of the games this is just a video that I decided to make that’s it for this blog.

I hope you found it useful if you have any questions come in me up in the comments box below on my blog or come and find me on social media all those links are listed in the description below.

until next time guys

peace out

Lovense Games - 12 Interactive Games Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ

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