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How To Be A Webcam Model Podcast
How To Become A Webcam Model (Equipment)

How To Become A Webcam Model (Equipment)

Hi, guys, and welcome to the first part of how to become a webcam model. I’m UKDAZZZ and I’ve been a webcam model if you haven’t seen my intro video / Blogpost for the last four, maybe five years, on and off, and I am just answering and going over a few topics that I get asked regularly.

The Basics Of Being A Webcam Model

So to start with today we’re going to go through equipment. It sounds obvious what a webcam model needs but it needs to be covered. so to start off with you will need a webcam, fast internet, and a laptop or PC. Lots of websites or webcamming sites do offer the ability to stream from your phone which is great. Although this is really handy, it’s probably not the best way of doing it and I will explain why and go more in-depth later.

In a nutshell, it doesn’t provide the best quality of your live streams. So obviously with customers in mind, you really do need quite a good setup to get yourself going. this does not mean you need the most expensive setup, but good equipment is defiantly a necessity.

alt="How To Become A Webcam Model (Equipment)"
How To Become A Webcam Model (Equipment)

Internet Connection For Cam Modelling

So to start off with you will need a fast internet provider, as fast as you can. The reason for this is because you do stream a lot of data and you need to be able to send it fast and receive it just as fast. the reason for this is because a lot of sites at the moment are supporting and pushing you to cam to cam which is the client can see you and you can see the client.

PC / Laptop Needed For Camming

Second of all, obviously, you need a fast laptop. Once again this is because a lot of sites promoting cam to cam your PC/laptop needs to process lots of data. This does take a big strain on your laptop or on your PC. as far as I am aware a phone does not support this function. it will also put a lot of clients off as they want you to see them.

Webcam Needed To Be A Cam Model

Thirdly, you need obviously a webcam. I use the Logitech C920. It is an amazing little bit of kit. I also use a generic off-brand webcam and both are really good. For me personally, the Logitech beats the off-brand it hands down. So it’s an idea to spend the money if you can afford it.

The reason the Logitech is better is that the quality of the camera than the off-brand. Both are 1080 x 720 and 30 fps (so it’s full HD, that’s what you need). But the camera angle is wider on the off-brand than of the Logitech. Meaning it picks up more of the room around you which could have something in the background the client from you. the Logitech is a much tighter angle meaning you are the main focus.

alt="How To Become A Webcam Model"
Equipment I Use

Another downside is of the off-brand, is that the contrast not as good brightness of the webcam under the wrong lights. I’m fairly tanned at the moment but it makes me look pale and does not pick up that colour unless I use a program like OBS, which allows you to adjust the contrast. The Logitech one does that for you, It adjusts the brightness, and contrast so you look as good as you can automatically.

But never the less if you’ve only got a small budget, personally think that the off-brand is a good starter cam. I think when I bought it, it cost me £25 quid which is good value for money. All I would suggest is if you can afford the Logitech grab it with both hands as it’s good.

If money is no object and you want the best equipment from the start, Logitech has a cam called the Brio which is a 4k HD camera, which is absolutely amazing.

In short

As long as you’ve got the right kit, like a quick laptop, high-speed internet, and quality camera you will be good to go and provide quality Live cam shows. On a side note, all the sites recommend HD cam as a minimum, and if you have a 4k they will love you.

Why Not To Use Your Phone To Be A Cam Model

As I said earlier don’t use your phone, it just creates a really bad experience for the client. When you are typing around the screen the client can see that and may become irritating or distracting. A lot of people I have noticed will not use stand for their phone, and every time they type the phone slips down. It just makes no sense. So if you have no alternative to using your phone at least buy a mini phone tripod.

How To Become A Webcam Model (Equipment) Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
Use the right equipment

Believe me when I say I have tested using my phone because when released as a feature it was a bit of a gimmick and I wanted to see what it was like. I didn’t like having to type on the screen. but the overall reason looking at it from the client perspective after seeing all those reasons I wouldn’t pay to see that Would you??

Other Equipment You Should Get To Be A Cam Model

Other things you want to consider when setting up are buying a tripod, lighting, and a wireless keyboard. These sort of things make it easier for you and provides a better quality stream. The wireless keyboard will allow you to sit comfortably where you choose to and you will not need to get too close to the cam.

The right lighting will let you look amazing and the tripod can be moved around to get the best angles.

You can find a list of Equipment that I use here

Cam Model Tips

Speak If You Can To Cam Model Members

If you can talk on cam you are on to a winner. If you’re not in a nosey house play some low music and actually talk to your clients. If you are fluent or know some other languages use them clients love an accent and will appreciate the effort you are making to make their experience better.

So to wrap up this post get the right best equipment that you can afford. speak to clients (they love it) sit back relax and have fun. (And don’t use a phone.)

If you haven’t already noticed I have discreetly linked all the products I have talked about that I use throughout the post. If you have missed them you can click here. They are all listed on amazon so are trusted suppliers. They are also affiliate links. which means I do get a little bit of money from Amazon, but obviously that doesn’t affect the price for you. It just means they earn less. So if you can order from them I would really appreciate it.

Remember if you have got any questions please feel free to drop me a message. Whether it is equipment-related or something else. All my social media has been listed and the comments are open so there is no excuse not to message lol.

The next blog is not equipment related it will be probably why you started to read this in the first place, it will be about how to sign up to a cam site, who I use, and the payment system that nearly every webcam site seem to offer as a payment system.

Until next time, which will be probably in the next couple of days.

Peace out

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