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How To Add Lovense Menu To Your Webcam Site

Hi guys and welcome back to another video on how to become a webcam model. I’m UKDAZZZ as always, and in this blog, I’m going to be showing you how to get the Lovense tip menu onto your OBS webcam model stream. I’ve noticed a few people struggling to get it all set up, so I thought I’d do a quick blog on how to set it up.

If you haven’t already got your Lovense connected to your webcam modelling site, then check out these couple of blogs here on how to set it up (Lovense, other cam sites). They’ll show you how to set up your connect your toy to your webcam model site.

Downloading and installing OBS and Lovense Toolset

To start off with you want to head over to obs.com and download the latest version of OBS for your computer. Once it is downloaded, then go and install it onto your computer. Now what you’re going to need to do is go over to Lovense.com and go to the download page. Now that you’re on the download page, then scroll to the bottom and look for the Lovense OBS toolset. So also a good time if you haven’t already installed Lovense browser to go ahead and do so and you’re going to want to run an install that as well.

Once you’ve finished now head over to your browser and give it a click in the top right-hand corner where the pink icon. Give that a click and it will bring up the extension page, give the Settings icon or click and you’re going to get taken to your back end of the extension that connects to your webcam model site.

How To Set Up OBS For Live Stream

Once the page is loaded, click on the video feedback tab in the middle of the page, and now you’re going to want to click on the Connect to OBS toolset. Once you do that, what happened is the extension will connect to your software. Once it’s connected, you will scroll down slightly and you’ll see you’ve got all the settings there to adjust the position of the menu on your Live feed. You can change it from the left side to the right side, You can change the size how opaque it is and you can also come back at a later time and change all the settings so don’t worry if it isn’t correct the first time.

alt="Lovense Tip Menu OBS"
How To Add Your Menu To Your Webcam Site

Now you’re going to want to open OBS and look for the sources tab in the bottom middle of your screen. If you’ve never used it before, then make sure that your video feed is on that source list. And you also want to make sure as part of that list. It’s got the Lovense OBS toolset on there, and if neither is on there, then click on the plus button. It will bring up a list where you can choose your source for your video stream.

Stuff like your microphone as well that you might want to add to it, Check to make sure all your settings are correct for your webcam, and your microphone, and everything else. The way you do that is by highlighting the item in the resource list (for this example, I’ve chosen the webcam). Select on the webcam, go to the little cog at the bottom and check the settings and properties are correct. Now what you’re also going to want to make sure is that the Lovense video feedback is above your webcam on that list.

If you think of it as a layer, the lower down the list it is, the further back it is on the screen. So every time you add something, it pushes it forward. This overlay needs to be in front of your camera. So it needs to be higher in the list. Give the up and down keys, a little click, they will move up and down in the list. So just make sure it’s at the very top.

How To Add Lovense Tip Menu In OBS

Now that your video feeds have been set up on the bottom right, I think it is on your OBS dashboard. You are going to look for controls. It’s another little widget that has another little list of options, you’re going to want to go down and click on settings on that list.

Now you’re going to want to click on the streaming tab. On the left-hand side, it should be the second one down. In the streaming tab. You are going to have to start typing in the name of your webcam model site in the top two boxes. What you’re doing here is telling OBS where you’re looking to send your Live stream to. So for this example, I’m using Chaturbate. Start typing in the name Chaturbate and it should bring down like a drop-down list and select on that drop-down list.

How To Add Lovense Menu To Your Webcam Site Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ

The webcam model site you’re looking to broadcast on to is going to have a streaming key, which will be on the webcam site. Now that you’ve put your cam site in the top two boxes, you’re going to have to find your streaming key on your webcam site. So minimise OBS for the time being, don’t close it, you’re going to need to come back to it very, very soon.

Go to your webcam model site, where you stream from so the dashboard. You are going to look for something along the lines of “use external OBS”, give that a click, and you’ll get your streaming key. You’re gonna get a big long code that’s going to come up. That’s your streaming key, don’t lose it. Don’t share it with anyone, because that gives you your laptop authorization to stream on the platform.

Copy that key into now, OBS underneath where it says I dropped that code in and save that by just closing it. Now you’ve added your streaming key good to go for live streaming on your campsite. Now go back onto your model dashboard. Start your live stream with OBS, and then open OBS again and click on the right-hand side start streaming

Once your live stream has started you’ll notice that on the right-hand side or left hand side we’ll have the menu item prices. If you want to change those, you’re going to need to go back and head into the extension of the browser. Once you’ve changed your item prices or your vibration settings then what will happen is that information automatically gets linked and sent to your outfeed. so there’s no other messing about.

That’s it for another blog guys. I really hope you found it useful. And as always, like follow share, subscribe and hit that notifications icon for future videos. If you’ve got any questions, hit me up in the comments box below on my blog, or come and find me on social media. All the links for those are in the description below.

Until next time, guys,

peace out.

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How To Add Lovense Menu To Your Webcam Site

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