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E-Stim Systems Electro-Compression Devices

Experience complete pleasure and control with this range of electro-compression devices. E-Stim Systems Vyper 2 and Vyper XL offer electro cock compression tailored to your size, while the Python provides ball electro compression.

Crafted with high-quality laser-cut acrylic, gold-plated contact panels, and industry-standard 4mm sockets, our electro-compression systems are unmatched by any other brand. Trust E-Stim Systems to provide the best in electro-stimulation for your intimate pleasure.

E-Stim Systems Vyper 2

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Building on the success of the original Vyper, They released the Vyper2 – a four-pole electro-compression system with even more bite. Created exclusively for men and manufactured in the UK, the Vyper2 features four gold-plated electro contact pads on two compression panels. Slip it over your erect penis and feel the squeeze and compression, followed by the added sensation of electroplay.

But be warned – squeeze too hard and you could damage something very precious!

Unlike other brands that use thin plastic panels with silver tape glued on, E-Stim Systems use 5mm acrylic sheet and custom-made PCBs for optimal durability and contact. The contact panels are also gold-plated for the best results. The Vyper2 comes assembled with stainless steel fittings.

With four contact pads, you have four areas to connect to our 2B or even a single-channel unit like our ElectroHelix – the choice is yours. The wide opening accommodates diameters from 1/4 inch to 2 inches.

Other features include heavy-duty 4mm connectors, making it suitable for single and dual-channel use, and it’s easy to clean. Trust E-Stim Systems to provide the ultimate in CBT toys for electro-compression.

E-Stim Systems Python

E-Stim Systems Electro-Compression Devices Model & Webcam Model UKDAZZZ
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Expanding the popular Vyper line, E-Stim Systems introduce Python – E-Stim Systems electro-compression device for ball play.

Designed and crafted in the UK exclusively for men, the Python features 2 gold-plated electro contact pads and adjustable compression. Its soft grip allows for the balls to hang down directly into the compression system, adding the sensation of electroplay.

Crafted for Play
Unlike other devices, E-Stim Systems Python is crafted from 5mm laser-cut acrylic sheet with custom made PCBs and gold-plated contact panels for durable and excellent contact.

Ready to Play
E-Stim Systems Python comes fully assembled with stainless steel and brass fittings.

Key Features:
With 2 contact pads, the Python is perfect for connection to E-Stim Systems 2B or a single channel unit like the ElectroHelix.
It has a wide 50mm (2″) cock diameter, gold plated contact pads, and heavy-duty 4mm connectors and fittings.
It’s easy to clean and suitable for single channel use.

Experience the ultimate pleasure with the Python electro-compression device.

E-Stim Systems Vyper XL

Looking for Electro-Compression for Larger Gents? Try the VyperXL

Experience the ultimate pleasure and control with the VyperXL eight-pole electro-compression system designed exclusively for larger gentlemen. With 8 gold-plated electro contact pads and 4 compression panels, the VyperXL can provide the perfect squeeze and compression, while adding a sensational electroplay.

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Crafted with precision, the VyperXL features thick 5mm and 8mm acrylic sheet, laser cut with custom-made PCBs for durability and reliable contact. Plus, with gold-plated contact panels and stainless steel fittings, this device is built to last.

With 8 contact pads, you can connect the VyperXL to the 2B or a single channel unit such as the ElectroHelix for the ultimate experience. The device also boasts a wide opening from 1/4 inch to 2 inches in diameter, making it suitable for a wide range of sizes.

Invest in the VyperXL for a truly one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t find anywhere else!

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